Brenda and I had long been interested in opening a Southern-inspired coffee shop...

So when the café space opened up, we went for it. Our new café, Libby Jane (that's me), is just two doors down from our mothership, Brenda's French Soul Food. Our aim is to share more of the southern charm and tasty treats that customers enjoy at Brenda's.

In addition to local Ritual® Coffee, Community® Coffee, and Mighty Leaf® Tea, we offer freshly baked goods, soups and sandwiches made daily in the kitchen at Brenda's.

Civic Center commuters, tourists, and waiting diners can enjoy a specialty coffee drink, some sweet watermelon tea, a cup of Brenda's soup, one of our famous cream biscuits, or a pimento cheese sandwich, among others, seven days a week.

For those diners who can't get enough of Brenda's house-made jams or watermelon pickles, you can also pick up a jar at Libby Jane. You'll find many of our other condiments, as well as new things too.